Hi and Welcome to my DJ Diaries. This is personal content that shares with you information and my daily life as a DJ.

Today I'd like to share with you the in-depth work that goes into DJing that has pretty much made me a marketing and promotions expert, along with playing all types of music to different crowds from all over the world. Over the course of my 18+ years I have experienced a massive change in technology. I remember just working at the radio station in Miami, Y-100 FM in 1997 and in 2000 the whole set up changed from playing CD's into a disk player to now learning a whole new computer system that plays songs through MP3 format. It made it much simpler once we all learned how it worked but also took the fun out of picking music from the wall of CD's and the more hands-on feel associated. That being said, flash forward to 2017 and there is so much technology that you just can't keep up. This has made DJing grow so fast in our industry.  I hear about new DJ's everyday and that's no joke. Computers and easy-to-learn software and Spotify all made music so simple. We don't have to go to our record shops anymore or the mall and hit up the music stores. Therefore I became a marketing and promotions genius. How do I stand out from the crowd? Well, 18 years of true talent, yes that helps a lot. Don't worry guys I really am modest and humble. I learned how to stand out in the fast growing entertainment market and I have always been good at promotions, socializing and social media. I think being outgoing helps in this market today because you need to sell yourself. In the old days talent spoke for itself but now people need to know, need to google, need reviews. They need to trust you because they need to know that you can really do the job and you just didn't up and buy some fancy software and play around with it. Events are very special, that's why people plan them, spend money, and find venues. This is not an easy task, so they need to trust the DJ and know they can do the job. In today's world you must stand out, work hard everyday and most of all love, love, love what you do. Trust me people can read that when your up on stage DJing. They feel your vibe. Sales, marketing, promoting, networking, training, practice, having money to put towards your advertising and more is what it takes now to be seen and if your lucky heard.

Have a great day!

DJ Kimmy K




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